Canberra 2021


The ACT Masters Athletics Club (ACTMA) is hosting the Australian Masters Athletics Track and Field Championships in Canberra on the ACT long weekend in March 2021, coinciding with the annual Canberra Balloon Festival (Friday 5 March – Monday 8 March, inclusive).

Technical Officials and Volunteers are needed for range of duties over the four (4) days of competition (see over). ACTMA invites your Expression of Interest to be either a Technical Official or a Volunteer by completing the following form, indicating your availability and preferred position/s based on the duties/tasks listed over.

Click here to download an Expression of Interest form

Technical Officials will be provided with two official uniform shirts and a hat, refreshments and a per diem.

Volunteers will receive a distinguishing shirt and light sustenance.

Indicative schedule for Technical Officials & Volunteers

Date Location Track Events Field Events
Thursday TBA Athletes’ Registration
Day 1


5 March

AIS Athletics Track (Bruce) 60m (heats & finals)

100m (heats & finals)



Long Hurdles (W+M)

1,500m Race Walk

Shot Put (W+M)

Discus (W+M)

High Jump (W+M)

Day 2


6 March

AIS Athletics Track 200m )heats & finals)



5,000m Race Walk

C of C 100m (W+M)

400m (heats)

Hammer (W+M)

Javelin (W+M)

Long Jump (W+M)

Day 3


7 March

AIS Athletics Track 400m (finals)


Sprint Hurdles (W+M)

4x400m Relay (W+M)

Throws Pentathlon (W+M)

Triple Jump (W+M)

Pole Vault (W+M)

Day 4


8 March

Stromlo Forest Park AIS Athletics


Cross Country (8km/6km)

10km Road Walk

4x400m Relay (W+M)

Pentathlon (W+M)

Weight Throw (W+M)

C of C Discus Throw (W+M)


List of Technical Officials’ Duties and Volunteer Tasks


Qualified Officials – duties

·         Track Referee

·         Chief Track Umpire

·         Track Umpires

·         Chief Photo Finish Judge

·         Photo Finish Judge

·         Results Processing (using Meet Manager)

·         Start Referee

·         Chief Starter

·         Assistant Starters


·         Field Referee

·         Chief Throws Judges

·         Chief Jumps Judges

·         Field Event Judges

Cross Country:

·         Ex-stadia Referee

·         Admin/Check-in

·         Marshalling

·         Umpires

·         Timekeepers

·         Place Judges

Walks (Ex-Stadia):

·         Walk Referee

·         Walk Judges

·         Timekeepers

·         Place Judges

Volunteers – tasks
·         Manager Administration and assistants

·         Check-in Manager and assistants

·         Manager Post Event

·         Announcer(s)

·         Helpers to set up ground, tents, signage

·         Admin Central Assistants – posting sheets to results board, photocopying, etc

·         ‘Runners’ to carry start lists and field result sheets to/from Admin Central

·         Lap Scorers for 5000m/10000m & 5000m Race Walk events

·         Field-of-Play assistants to retrieve throwing implements

·         Rakers in the long/triple jump pits

·         Helpers to raise high jump/pole vault bars

·         Helpers to manage food & refreshments for technical officials and volunteers

Enquiries to:

Officials and Volunteers Coordinator:

Adam Farlow

0430 746 063

Competition Director

Neil Boden