Canberra 2021

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The championships are open to all masters athletes (aged 30 and above) who are registered financial members of their state or territory masters club. Overseas athletes must be registered financial members of a masters club where these are separate from their open athletics organisation.

Non-registered masters-aged athletes can become eligible to compete at the national championships by joining their state masters association.


Online entries are expected to open on 23 December 2020 and close at 11.59 pm on Sunday 14 February 2021


Entry to the 2021 Australian Masters Athletics (AMA) Track & Field Championships will only be available online.  Registration will be available from this website [a link will be provided once entries open].  Where athletes do not have access to the internet, or do not have the capacity to enter or pay online they should seek assistance with their entry from friends or a fellow masters athlete or contact the Local Organising Committee.  (Email:

As the COVID-19 situation continues to present serious constraints on travel, gatherings and the ability to gain sponsorship, there is ongoing discussions between AMA, the Local Organising Committee and the ACT Masters Athletics Club about whether the championships can go ahead. It has been agreed that a final decision on whether to hold the championships in March 2021 will be made at a combined meeting scheduled for 16 December 2020.

Considerations will include the status of COVID-19 restrictions and the financial viability of conducting the championships with reduced number due to state borders still closed or with conditional travel. Other matters under consideration include a bare-bones championships with no medals at event (posted afterwards), modified program with less events, no printed athletes handbook and no social events.

Pending further advice, registrations will open on 23 December 2020 and close at 11.59pm on 14 Feb 2021.

COVID-19 Risks

The COVID-19 pandemic not only poses potential risks to competitors, volunteers and officials, but also poses a major financial risk to the hosts.

Despite COVID-19 issues and uncertainties occurring around Australia, planning and organising for the 2021 championships is proceeding and the Local Organising Committee and the ACT Masters Athletics Club are looking forward to hosting a successful championship.

Nevertheless, the Local Organising Committee will continue to monitor the situation based on an assessment of issues related to COVID-19 and any government advice or direction. The championships may be cancelled after entries close if public health and/or travel restrictions are such as would prevent a representative national championship from being held.  If so, all athletes will receive a full refund of their entry fees, less a $10 processing charge.

At the championships, strict COVID-19 protocols will be enforced, in accordance with government advice or direction applying at that time, and will be in place for all athletes, volunteers, officials and spectators.  Details of these protocols will be made available on the website closer to the championships.

Important Information for Athletes

  • Athletes must be registered and financial members of state or territory masters clubs to be eligible to enter the championship Overseas athletes must be registered financial members of a masters club where they are separate from their open athletics organisation. An athlete’s current financial status will be confirmed by state/territory registrars.
  • An athlete’s age for the championships is their age as at 5 March 2021, the first day of competition. Where an athlete’s birthday falls on the second or a latter day of the competition, which would otherwise make them eligible for an older age group, they will compete in their existing, younger age group for the remainder of the championships.
  • All athletes must wear their state/territory uniform when competing. International competitors must compete in their national uniform.  Failure to wear the correct uniform will result in disqualification.
  • Athletes must sign in for events at least one hour before the start of the event. Athletes may also sign in for all events on the day registration opens or on the day before their events are due to be held.
  • Times for reporting in prior to the start of a specific event will vary.
  • Athletes must provide a recent best time in the appropriate format if competing in sprints and hurdles so that competitors can be appropriately seeded.
  • Athletes must provide recent best heights for the high jump and pole vault so that competitors can be grouped according to performances where necessary.
  • The championships will be run according to the relevant World Athletics/World Masters Athletics /Australian Masters Athletics rules and by-laws.
  • A risk policy and management plan have been developed for the championships, and a copy will be made available on the website when entries open.
  • Drug testing may be undertaken during the championship. Athletes taking medication should check the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority website to determine if they require a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) for approval to use a substance or method that is on the World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited (banned) list for therapeutic (medical) purpose.  TUE application information can be found on Australian Masters Athletics’ website under ‘About Us’.  Dr Roger Parrish is the Oceania Region’s designated medical officer for masters athletes and can be contacted on (02) 4275 1800 (work) or (02) 4228 6260 or via email
  • Athletes (and family members and partners) entering these championships must behave according to all COVID-19 protocols in place for the championships. Any breach of the protocols may result in the athlete being excluded from any further participation in the competition, without refund.
  • For example, all entrants and spectators may be temperature checked on entry and if demonstrating an elevated temperature may be refused entry.
  • Athletes must compete in a sporting manner according to the rules and consistent with the World Athletics’ Code of Ethics. They shall not engage in inappropriate interpersonal behaviour or display conduct that infringes with the rights of sponsors, or bring ACT Masters Athletics Club, AMA and the sport of masters athletics into disrepute.
  • Refunds can be made up to the closing date less an administration fee of $25 per entry.
  • No refunds are possible after the closing date except where the championships are cancelled because of COVID-19 related matters (where a $10 administration fee per entry will be charged).


Athletes will be required to agree to a waiver that states that they are in good health and properly conditioned for the events entered.  The waiver will also require individuals to absolutely relieve the ACT Masters Athletics Club and AMA, and all other parties and individuals in any way involved in the conduct of these AMA Championships of responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to individuals or their property which may be sustained in the course of, or in connection with these championships.